Olivia's Potty Adventures

My new book Olivia's Potty Adventures - published through Cedar Grove Publishing - is #1 on Amazon's New Release charts!

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Taking Off the Asterisk - A Documentary

Terreece Clarke spent 2018 as a Lincoln Artist Fellow in the Artist Incubation Program. In collaboration with Noon Day Films, Terreece explored what it means to be a working creative, the inspiration for her new book and the impact of the Lincoln Theatre Incubation Program.

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Are You Ready?

The clients I partner with are creative, focused, motivated, responsible and curious.

They have awesome ideas supported by solid plans with specific goals. They understand the importance of collaboration and measurable results, valuing the members of their team and their partners.

They are global citizens inspiring others to do better, not just in their field, but in their community and the world.

Our clients, simply put, are true leaders.

If that sounds like you, then you're my next partner.

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Next Steps...

Now is when you say to yourself - "Hey, sounds good. How can I get Terreece on my show, on my team, on the dance floor..."