Coming Soon: Publishing, Writing, Marketing and Diversity in Literature

I get a lot of emails. A lot. I mean…wow. And outside of client work, the majority of the emails I receive are questions about four things:

  • Publishing a book
  • Writing in general
  • Marketing, specifically digital marketing
  • Diversity in Literature – YA and Children’s

I try to respond to each one of them in a timely manner, but sometimes I look up and two hours have passed. Yikes.

The idea of form emails didn’t appeal to me so inspired by a friend who has taken up blogging anew, I have decided to go old/new school and blog about the things people that prompt people to send emails.

Here is where I hesitate.

Blogging successfully is about consistency, creativity and clear purpose. It is a challenge I have been reluctant to go back to because, well, I have enough responsibilities.


…then I don’t want to do it.

Blogging will streamline my workload and response time while also acting as a creative writing exercise to get the magic going at the beginning of the day. I’d love for you to join me as I tackle 52 posts for 2019, sign up for my mailing list:

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